Since mid-June 2020, Festivals for Compassion has been uniting festivals in Europe and beyond. Each shared their interpretation of Calliope Tsoupaki’s new solo composition Thin Air as an ode to compassion and an act of solidarity in these troubled times. 

We were proud to commission Tsoupaki, one of the Netherlands’ most celebrated composers, to create Thin Air, a piece that can be performed by any instrument and voice. It was premiered during the Holland Festival on the Dutch NPO Radio 4 on 20 June, with the Flemish radio station Klara taking over the next day.

After this, like a relay race of compassion, the work began its journey through Europe traveling from festival to festival. More than 50 partners have joined the race so far, including the Edinburgh International Festival, Helsinki Festival, Utrecht Early Music Festival, Operadagen Rotterdam, and the Thüringer Bachwochen. Up until now, a range of players and singers have created over 25 renditions of Thin Air to be shared with a worldwide, online audience, with you.

Festivals for Compassion is meant, quoting the Canadian festival Music on Main, ‘to strike a chord with artists and audiences alike: a quiet moment of generosity and compassion right when so many need these qualities most.’

Thank you for coming with us on our journey & keep safe.