Festivals for Compassion

Since mid-June 2020, Festivals for Compassion has been uniting festivals in Europe and beyond. Each shared their interpretation of Calliope Tsoupaki’s new solo composition Thin Air as an ode to compassion and an act of solidarity in these troubled times. 


"Every summer festival across Europe (bar one: take a bow, Salzburg!) has been forced to cancel, but that at least has led to a heartening joined-up response in Festivals For Compassion: 54 cancelled festivals have put forward an artist to perform Thin Air, a new solo piece by Calliope Tsoupaki. It is an appropriately melancholy composition, but it has melodic force too, and it’s a powerful idea to demonstrate artistic solidarity across national boundaries"
"A small anchor moment for all those affected by the pandemic in recent months."
"As musicians, organisers and audiences, we’re often experiencing the same music, unknowingly sharing it as it moves from place to place. In a year where everything’s been moved to the same, intangible location, Thin Air uses differences to emphasise similarities, and marks the distance between us to strengthen our togetherness.”
"Festivals for Compassion is "a quiet moment of generosity and compassion, right when so many need these qualities most."
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